Friday, September 5, 2014

Chalk it up projects

Here are some products done with the Chalk It Up paper pack and accessories.  2 workshops this month will be available-check out on the workshop page!

Chore Chart

I will be ordering another one so each of my kids have one.  They have more chores than will fit on here!  :)  I colored coded them for each kid and my younger child, who can’t read has pictures instead of words.  The chores are on 2X2 canvas pieces with magnets on the back.

Products used:

Chalk it up paper pack

Handwritten Print Stamp Set

Teal Shimmer Trim

2014-09-05 20.57.14

2014-08-23 19.36.52


The two club layouts are here.  One for back to school- I took a 2 page layout and made it into 2 single page layouts, one for each kid.  and then a vacation layout-this paper is very versatile.

2014-09-05 20.57.43 2014-09-05 20.58.09 2014-09-05 20.58.50

2014-09-05 20.59.24 2014-09-05 21.00.08 2014-09-05 21.00.36

Products used are the ones above as well as

Chalk it up assortment

Chalk it up Compliments

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