Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am working on projects, i promise!!

I am working on some projects, just still working and haven’t taken any pictures!  Keep checking back!!


Our consultant sign up special is good until the end of July!  Any consultants signing up by July 31st get to pick 5 FREE items from a special list!!  Check out my consultant website for details!! 


And I’ll get pictures up soon!  Promise! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Upcoming info

Here are a couple of projects and the slide show for the animal crackers workshop.

The sign up special for CTMH is good till July 31st.. check it out!

Quarter Auction will be August 6th

Still looking for people for some scrapbooking and card making clubs to start in Sept!

summer 09 007 summer 09 005

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Have a great week!

This weekend I worked on some Thank you cards my cousin Ashley asked me to make. She just changed salons and trying to build her new clientele.  And I made a little box for them.  She wants 40 of them, but I ran out of the type of the paper I was using so I have to order some more!  I got 20 of them completed though!

Had a good DSN meeting Thursday night with some cute ideas with items from the dollar store.

chris left for band camp today, he’ll be back later this week so we’ll see how our week goes! Hopefully the weather will be good for them up there! 

Tomorrow we are headed to the pool with jen and the kids and then to see my step mom’s family for dinner!  They are all in town this week!

Have a great week! I’ll have some other projects this week with chris gone! from nikki's iphone 008 from nikki's iphone 006

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

well, not mine but kayleys!

kayley scrapbooking 09 028 In one of my CTMH surprise boxes 2 of the old My Child’s Reflections Kits  and I kept them out for Kayley. We did them this weekend and she loved them! So now I’m on a quest to find more of them for her since we don’t sell them any longer! 

Here are some pictures of what she decided to do.  She put the stickers on, cut the pictures and glued them on. I added the flip flaps with extra pictures.

I’ll have another update later this week.. Tomorrow night Chris, Ray, Jen and I are going to see Harry Potter!  We are so excited, we’ve been waiting for this movie for what seems like forever!!kayley scrapbooking 09 003

Monday, July 6, 2009

Productive weekend

well for it being the 4th I had a pretty
CTMH productive weekend. I was able to get stuff together to sell at the Christmas in July sale tomorrow, and I finished some cards from a kit that CTMH sold last year and made a flip album for the first time.

The cards were from a kit we sold last year, but I can’t find the stamp set that came with it, so I had to use other sets that i have.  I had made one set last year but I don’t think they came out too badly with the other sets!

The flip album was the first one I’ve made.  I don’t think it came out too badly!

Here are some pictures.. hope everyone had a good weekend! Those of you in town, stop by the Christmas in July sale tomorrow!

summer 09 034 summer 09 032 summer 09 028 summer 09 026 summer 09 020

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