Thursday, July 25, 2013

studio j and project life

Back in February, I talked about Project life.  You can see that post here: Feb Project Life

I decided to start using Studio J for Project Life.  I did the Feb-June last week, look below to see the smaller pics of my layouts.  These layouts took me only 30 minutes to complete-can you tell they are Studio J (other than the studio J logo on the web picture-which is NOT printed when the pages come)

If you would like to try Studio J, you can go here and check it out: Studio J

I also did an extra layout through Studio J from a character experience at Disney this past March.  The paper pack isnt available any longer to do it traditionally, so I used the paper pack in Studio J-that is another wonderful option in Studio J.  If you had a favorite paper pack that was retired-you may still be able to use it in Studio J!  If you would like a personal consultation for Studio J please let me know!  My next project in Studio J is to scan in my daughters artwork from preschool to the computer and make a few layouts with those pictures.  Stay Tuned!


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