Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Studio j layouts!

I bought a Studio J membership and completed these layouts!  Once I do the 3 layouts traditionally on my desk I will be all caught up!  Well, at least for a little while!

These Jpegs are FREE with a Studio J membership! The layouts weren’t printed with the logo on it, these Jpegs are the web version.  I also received Jpegs’ full size to print my own copies if I would like!

Enjoy! Check out Studio J today!  I did all these layouts in an hour! Can you tell they are digital layouts?

xmas_-_1 xmas_-_2 xmas_-_3 xmas_-_5 xmas_-_6 xmas_-_7 xmas_-_8 xmas_-_9 xmas_-_10

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