Saturday, May 16, 2009

I can see!

My surgery yesterday went ok!  I have to admit it was a bit traumatic for me!  My valium didn’t kick in so I was pretty alert during the whole thing.  It was quick, they took me back at 9 AM, and we pulled off 275 at our exit at 9:30!  It certainly felt like a long time though!

My eyes still hurt a bit and are very dry! But I would do it again! I could read the 20/20 line today at my appt and I was able to drive myself! 

Kayley was sick this week with an ear infection and nose bleeds.  She’s doing better now but we had a rough couple of days.

Not too much CTMH stuff this week, but I did manage to get a card made for Ray and Jen for baby AJ.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I need to give my eyes a bit of a rest, my eyesight is hazy and its hard to see the computer for long periods of time!

from nikki's iphone 029

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